Bandage holder knee / elbow (Code: 2601L)

The proper medicinal leech treatment care of patients is a constant challenge for therapists: adequate absorption material rugged and fitting for 24 hours , impermeable for blood, and comfortable to the patient. These prerequisites usually can be met by sufficient amounts of fixing plaster. However, this technique bears the risk of dermal injury with undressing of the plaster as well as the patient`s feeling of tension when wearing the dressing.

Accordingly, the company Biebertaler Blutegelzucht has developed special dressings enabling the solid and safe fixation of absorbing material (e.g. gauze bandage or fixing plaster) with minimal dermal adhesion.

The dressing material consists of washable (at 60 degrees centigrade) cotton (93%), and elastane (7%). The dressing material can be washed up to about 10 times before loosing elasticity. The dressing material is produced as handmade article by a German tailoring. The colours of the cotton seams of the dressing materi-al are adjusted according to the position of use (e.g. knee, arm, hip), allowing a quick functional matching at first glance.

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