Insertions points and plots for "leech therapy" (German language version) (Code: 6326)

The Plots of Insertion Points for Medicinal Leech Therapy (adapted from Prof. Oleg Kamenev, MD) indicate potential target points of medicinal leech therapy. The set consists of one ynopsis poster (Size DIN A2) and eight charts (Size DIN A4) in a folder. Two charts show the dorsal or ventral perspective for your own comprehensive view and for the patient's illustration.

The eight charts indicate target points of specific body areas relating to this range of indications:
• Ischaemic Heart Disease
• Acute Coronary Syndrome
• Hepatic Congestion
• Varicose Disease
• Chronic and Acute Thrombophlebitis
• Thrombophlebitis of haemorrhoidal veins
• Ear Disease
• Paranasal Sinus Diseases
• Inflammatory Processes of Vessels
• Glaucoma
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