Reference Book on Medicinal Leech Therapy (Code: 3500)

This reference book provides information on the basic principles, methodology and application areas of leech therapy. Emphasis is on indications documented by scientific studies. You are certain to benefit from concrete instructions on how to perform leech therapy and you will be familiarised with the full range of possible applications as well as with the limitations of leech therapy. The evaluation of leech therapy applications for specific indications will be helpful when making decisions concerning therapy.

The History of Leech Therapy
The Biology of Leeches
The Technique of Leech Therapy
Indications for Leech Therapy
Leech Therapy in Rheumatic Disease
Leech Therapy in Plastic Surgery
Safety and Adverse Effects of Leech Therapy
The Scientific Basis of Leech Therapy
The Biochemistry of Leech Saliva
Bacterial Flora of the Medicinal Leech
Medicinal Leeches in Integrative Medicine
Legal Aspects of Leech Therapy in the EU and USA
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