Leech Eye (Code: 2000)

A glass bowl (approx. 2.0 L) with a lens-shaped lid offers an impressive view of the leeches.This bowl should be filled to 3/4 with chlorine-free, low-calcium water. The bottom of the bowl should be covered with artificial stones and aquatic plants with especially strong rigid leaves. The bowl is a small, healthy habitat for approx. 4 leeches. For the viewer, it presents visual enjoyment: the swimming techniques and back markings can be well observed through the lens cover and the glass sides. This enchanting view into the glass bowl can serve to acquaint patients with these creatures and leech therapy. The leech bowl is easy to handle and is delivered together with detailed instructions for care and maintenance. Leech Eye including artificial stones and aquatic plants (Elodea canadensis).

pdf Leech Eye Instructions
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